Happy Mother’s Day!

Well, it’s been a long day full of spoiling Mommy. I started by baking brownies for her and Janny at 8 am. Deep down isn’t that everyone really wants?
Now I’m taking a moment to post a salutation to all the other special ladies in my life, and also Virginia’s! We are the luckiest little children to have amazing grandmothers (Janny and Grandmom), aunts (Kathleen, Emmy, and Brandy), and Godmothers (Tonya, Jeanne, and Beverly). You fill our lives with happiness!

Today we also wanted to take a moment to remember our great-grandmother, Nancy. We were so blessed to have known her warm heart and gentle spirit. She went out of our way to make every birthday, Christmas, Easter (and more!) special. We miss her very much, but know that she is watching over us right along side the special women we didn’t get a chance to meet (Annah, Hassie, Abuela, and Grandmomma).

Hope you all have a week full of love!

Where Did the Babies Go?

We’re right here! In the butler’s pantry!

This is so much fun. Let’s do it again…!

Making a Splash

Hi there. Just a post to share my swim lesson progress. I’ve gone from crying anytime my face went under water to jumping in from the pool’s edge and paddling to the swim platform. As you’ll see in the video I’m making quite a splash!

Happy Easter!

Mac and I had a special holiday full of love and laughter. We kicked things off on Thursday evening when I was reunited with my sweet brother at Papaw’s house. (Mac was already in Knoxville for spring break.) We spent the next day relaxing on the farm–picking flowers, dyeing Easter eggs, and eating S’mores left over from Mac and Papaw’s campout. On Saturday it was off to Poppy’s with Janny, Captain, Emmy, Kathleen and Keith. We had the best visit with with our wonderful great-grandfather. (I gave him lots and lots of hugs and kisses!) But we missed seeing sweet Nancy. (Hope you are feeling better!) This morning we woke up to baskets from the Easter bunny and then attended a beautiful church service. (My bonnet was a hit!) Afterward Poppy treated us to a delicious brunch, where I had my very first waffle. I was bouncing up and down from the sugar rush!

It was a great break but, after a long drive, we’re also happy to be at home in Birmingham with Daddy. Happy Easter!

Bad Hair Day


I’m getting more and more hair! Mommy and Daddy are beginning to realize the unlike Mac’s straight hair, mine curls up when it is humid. See above for a recent example. I don’t believe they’ll forget to take a hair brush to the pool again.

First Steps

I did it–I took my first steps! After much encouragement from Daddy, Mommy, and Mac I finally put these little feet of mine to work. Of course, I never walked too far in one stretch. My family made such a fuss about the milestone that every few steps I would have to stop, with a proud little smile on my face, and make sure all eyes were on me. (They were.)



Diving Right In

Virginia and I recently started swimming lessons. Arriving poolside by 7:30 am makes for an early morning, but it is worth it. I get a proud little smile on my face as Coach John teaches me to kick and tread. Meanwhile, my water loving little sister goes totally zen as she floats around the pool sucking her thumb. We can’t wait to show off our skills this summer!



Watch Out, Mac!

I’m one and and my little legs are finally long enough to swing over things. Mac better watch out–I’m about to take off with his “lawn mower”!


I hope you all enjoyed reading about Virginia’s first birthday!

Before it melts away I wanted to tell you about my snow day. It was really more of a rain day, but around 8:00 pm last night I finally spotted some flakes. Daddy took me outside and helped me craft the world’s greatest snowball. The wintery mix may have been short-lived, but I loved spending a day at home with my parents while they worked from home. Turns out there isn’t much a surgeon can do from the house!


First Birthday!

It’s been a month of celebrating and I’m finally taking a moment to update you on all my birthday festivities.

photo 2 IMG_0127 IMG_0129
Throughout February my sweet brother Mac made sure that anytime I was in the presence of cake a candle was lit and “Happy Birthday” was sung in my honor. Isn’t he the best?

IMG_5418 IMG_5442
That was all a dress rehearsal, of course, for my Sweetheart themed birthday party. I didn’t show much interest in the cake, but I did have fun opening presents, taking pictures in the “kissing booth,” and visiting with everyone who was able to make the trip. (Thank you!)

IMG_0172 IMG_0216 IMG_0215
IMG_0178 IMG_0305
More importantly, I was baptized that morning. It was a very special ceremony and I was blessed with a Godmother of my very own–Mommy’s smart, savvy, stylish friend Jeanne.

Then on my real birthday (this past Monday) Mac made me a cake and sang me yet another round of “Happy Birthday.” One is going to be great!