New School!


It’s a big day! I started pre-school, which means I’m now at Montessori with Mac. He is very excited to have me here. (Even if we are wearing matching outfits.) The whole morning commute he kept leaning over and whispering “Virginia, you’re coming to MY school today!” Mommy is pretty excited too. She only has to go one place to drop-off and pick-up the apples of her eye. I’d write more, but I have to go do some lessons…

Sunday Best

On Sunday Mommy and I attended orientation for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, my church’s version of Sunday School. I had to wait until the fall I was three-years-old to start the program, and I am so excited that that time has arrived. I loved learning about the classroom, hearing scripture about the Good Shepherd, and processing in during the offering behind a tiny wooden cross. Plus, I got to wear some of my new church clothes. (Daddy loves them!)

Go! Go! Go!

If Mac does something, you better believe I’m going to do it too. When he started running from the kitchen to the living room to jump on Daddy’s foot rest I followed right after him. Mac’s interested waned, but I completed the feat at least 20 times. Mommy finally started recording near the end when my little legs were about to give out on me. One thing that didn’t tire: my enthusiasm for yelling “Go! Go! Go!”

Ladies Who Lunch

IMG_1950FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

Yesterday my amazing godmother, Jeanne, came to town for a just-because visit. We had a fancy girls-only brunch (while there I decided to use butter as a “dip”) and then did some porching at Mommy and Jeanne’s friend Page’s house. It sure was nice to spend an afternoon with just us ladies!

Smokies Spotlight: Nothing But Net

While we were in the Smokies I discovered arcades. And boy do I love them. Every time I saw one I would ask, “Mommy, can Mac play some games?” From ski ball to duck hunting, I scored big! This shot Uncle Sam took of me hitting a free throw perfectly captures my happiness.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Smokies Spotlight: Duck. Duck.

I hope you all enjoyed Mac sharing about our adventures in the Smokies. He did a great job recapping all the fun. But it didn’t give me a chance to share a video of my favorite activity, riding the Ducks at Dollywood. As you can tell from this video I quite enjoyed myself. Each time Mommy carried me near the ride I would point my little finger and squeal “Duh.Duh.” (Translation: Duck. Duck.)

What a Week!



Last week Virginia and I packed in every last bit of fun that we could! We started things off with a visit to Janny and Captain’s lake house, where I took a new session of boat driving lessons from Uncle Sam. Then we headed to the Wilderness Resort for 24-hours of water park fun. I was a big fan of the long, winding indoor slide! (Yes, Mommy let me go down it all by myself.) Next stop: A cabin in the Smokies with Papaw, my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We did everything from visit Dollywood where Virginia and I rode our first amusement park rides to hike to the top of Clingman’s Dome–the highest peak in the Smokies! (We may have gotten a little help making the trek.) Virginia also discovered a love for all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets. The highlight of that get-together, though, was watching Papaw perform in Gatlinburg. My little face sure did light up when I saw him dance.
As if that weren’t enough fun for one week, Mommy loaded us up in the car and took us to Orange Beach where we met Daddy for an oral surgery conference. That may sound like a pretty boring event, but when there are five pools, four slides, and one long lazy river on the premise it’s actually makes for a very good time.
Thanks to everyone who made it such a special week!
P.S. Mommy had fun too. But is apparently still tired.
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IMG_1876 IMG_1874

God Bless, America!

Hi everyone! Did you have a happy 4th of July? Virginia and I were spoiled to pieces at Grandmom and Rick’s. We went swimming and shopping and ate lots of good food. The best part was watching the fireworks from the pedestrian bridge in downtown Chattanooga. It’s great to be an American, and especially great to be a McKenzie!

Getting a Jump on Summer

We had another great weekend at the lake! Even more noteworthy than the amazing fireworks show was the lighting speed with which I took to jumping off the dock. I made my first plunge on Saturday afternoon. And by Sunday morning I was doing this (click the video)–on repeat!

What was Virginia up to, you may ask? She was splashing in a plastic storage bin and napping in a Buddy’s Bar-B-Que to-go box. Unconventional, but she liked it.

One If By Land, Two If By Lake

IMG_1347 IMG_1336

Happy Monday, y’all! Virginia and I had a great weekend in East Tennessee playing on the farm with Papaw and on the lake with Janny and Captain Tony. With that much land and water how could we not have the time of our lives?