Put It In Park

IMG_4637IMG_4640IMG_4645IMG_4649Yesterday we took advantage of the lovely weather and had a picnic in the park. Since it was my idea, I coordinated every detail, including gathering up the blanket and packing our snacks. (As you’ll see from the photos it was a delicious assortment of candy, cheesy crackers, and applesauce, complete with a spoon, for Miss Virginia.) I brought along my camera and snapped some picture of the beautiful scenery. While we were there, we also made sure Mommy got plenty of exercise–like when she had to sprint across the park to stop Virginia from going down the big kid slide alone. We stayed for hours soaking up the sun and one of our last days as a party of three. (Daddy was busy doing much less fun tasks like grocery shopping, changing light bulbs, vacuuming, and so forth. Isn’t he the best?)

Hope you all have a good week!



When It Rains, It Pours


Due to the threat of severe weather our school let our early today. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I have never seen it rain as hard as it did while Mommy was picking us up. By the time we got to the car our clothes were soaked and our hair was dripping wet. It was quite a dramatic trek. When we buckled up I declared, “Mommy, that was amazing!” On the ride home I asked that Mommy and Virginia to “Please stop talking so I can hear what they’re saying about the weather on the radio.” I came up with an entire flood evacuation for the family. (It’s a bit convoluted and may or may not involve “hiring a roofer,” hope we won’t have to put it into action tonight.) Once we got to our cozy house we changed into PJs and Mommy treated us to two things we never get to do before dinner—a movie and popcorn!

Mommy/Daughter Day

Yesterday I took a break from school and spent the whole day with Mommy. We both loved all the one-on-one time, which included getting donuts, playing with my dollhouse, buying new hair bows, and lots of sofa snuggling. I could get used to this–I’m sure the new baby won’t interfere with future Mommy-and-Me outings!

Right Side of the Bed

IMG_4574I hate to admit it, but around about the time I turned 4 I became a bit of a handful in the mornings. Not yesterday! I woke up and got dressed all by myself before I came to happily tell Mommy good morning. (This makes the second time I’ve picked out my own clothes and reached for the Under Armour shirt Captain Tony bought me.) I proceeded to put on my on socks and shoes and carry my school bag without complaining. Guess you could say I woke u on the right side of the bed. Or maybe 4?



Almost Time


It’s almost time for Baby #3 to arrive and I couldn’t be more excited! Mommy and Daddy have pulled down all the baby gear from the attic, washed little clothes, and, my favorite, bought teen-tiny diapers. On quite the opposite size spectrum, Mommy’s belly is looking very big, as you’ll see in the photo Daddy took after brunch on Sunday. I can’t wait to meet my new brother or sister!

P.S. Virginia appears to be a little less certain about the baby’s arrival. She recently mistook the new infant car seat for her own personal recliner.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.43.33 PM

Tea for Two

IMG_4514Mommy and Daddy promised to brew me up some fun for my second birthday and they didn’t disappoint with a fun-filled (early) party! I had the best time doing all things girly and being the center of attention. I was especially adorable when everyone gathered round to sing “Happy Birthday.” I just couldn’t hold back my excited little giggles. Thanks to everyone who made the long trip for the celebration. I hope you had a tea-riffic time!

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful Godmother, Jeanne, for coming up with the “two” cute party theme!

Pillow Talk

We had a cold, damp weekend here in Birmingham. Naturally, Mac and I filled the idle time by building* a pillow fort over our beloved living room vent. We were in our own happy, little world. In this particular snippet of footage you’ll hear the two of us discussing where to sit my doll, Emily. And when Mac looks up at the end, he’s about to ask Mommy to throw a blanket over top of us. No such thing as too cozy!

*Fort McKenzie was purely Mac’s construction. I think he did a pretty good job!



Good Morning!

IMG_4369“If it’s morning why is it still dark? Are we going to school in the night time? Where’s Daddy? Daddy works at the hospital. Can you get up? I love when Daddy chases me. Hey, there’s my book! I’ve been looking for that everywhere. What does this do? Oh, I got it–charges a phone. Do you think Molly has dreams in color? And can you get up now? I want some milk. Can I watch a movie. I want a waffle, please. Mommy, it’s morning time. Get up!”

Just a few of my morning musings.

Pecking Order

IMG_4359.jpgIMG_4364.jpgMy 2016 resolution? Stop sitting in the high chair. Sure I’m little and still spill a lot of food, but I’m ready to perch at the big table with Daddy, Mommy, and Mac. Which is why for the past few evenings I’ve plopped myself down in Daddy’s chair, at the head of the table mind you, for dinner. Other changes I’ve implemented: Having my new doll, aptly named “Baby,” sit along side me in her high chair. Sometimes you’ve just got to take matters into your own hands.

Table Manners

IMG_4352.jpgNo, Mommy. Mac and I aren’t jumping from the coffee table to the sofa. We’re simply using our little bodies to clean and polish the furniture. Now just go on about your business and don’t mind us.