Report Card

12240328_1093196170690775_4503452657734178340_oI just got my first preschool report card. I got good marks all around and am winning over the teachers with my bubbly little personality–even when I’d rather bounce on my cot than take a nap! I’m also the only student in the class who actually walks with my hands behind my back in the hallways like we’re all supposed to do. (Fun fact: Mac is one of the only students in his class who obeys this rule.) Here are some other highlights.

“We are so happy that Virginia is in the White Class with us! She comes in the classroom ready to go each morning. She is always such a little ray of sunshine. We all just adore her so much. Her laughter is contagious and we have enjoyed learning about her and her sweet personality over the last few months. She loves giving great hugs and gets along with all of her friends. She enjoys sitting down and starting lessons at a table with her classmates.”

“Viriginia is a wonderful listener whether we are walking to lunch, sitting or line or in the gym. We never have any challenges asking her to do something. All of her friends enjoy playing with her on the playground or in the gym.”

“Virginia always takes a good nap. Some days she may be a little more wound up than others and it may take her a few minutes to settle down on her cot from giggling or wanting to bounce on her cot.”

P.S. Click here to read about Mac’s report card when he was the very same age. 



Tent City


Who has the sweetest grandfather in the world? That would be me! Over the weekend we visited Grandmom and Rick’s lovely mountain house. As always it was a wonderful visit filled with bonfires and giant leaf piles and movies curled up by the fire. But this time Rick really outdid himself with a giant tent he made for the grandkids. I’m sure it took him weeks to construct, but we all* had the time time of our lives playing and bouncing in our magical fort on the porch. I was even brave enough to sleep out there with Rick and the big kids. Everyone got a good laugh when in the wee hours of the night I confused my cousin Christian for his doggie. Hey, they have similar hair cuts!

*My sweet big brother has been sick and didn’t get to play much. He spent most of this trip curled up on the sofa. Poor Mac, get well soon!

Playing It Cool

Mac likes to play it cool and act as though he doesn’t like the movie Frozen. Not true! Mommy recently recorded him proudly singing the theme song “Let It Go” in Target. Here’s what he had to say about that on a recent car ride:

Mommy showing video to Daddy in front seat: “Let it go, let it go!”

Mac: I hate that song!

Mommy: That’s funny. I’m playing a video of you singing it.

Mac: Um, well, I mean. I guess I like the song. Yes, I do like the song. I like “Let It Go.” But I don’t like Elsa. Actually, I like Elsa. And I like the snowman. I just don’t like the whole movie….Mommy, can we watch Frozen when we get home?”

Time to let it go, Mac. You’re a Frozen fan just like me!


Fun Run, No Sun

IMG_3634Hi everyone! Just a quick post to tell you about my school’s Fun Run on Saturday. Also, known as the time I ran two laps in the pouring down rain. Mommy and Daddy were troopers and each ran a lap with me. Some of my classmates were eager to tackle more loops around the track. I am wise beyond my years and was ready to get myself out of that horrible weather once I had my medal in hand.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the annual fundraiser! And apologies to those who sponsored Virginia. Her feet literally did not touch the ground the entire event. She looked very cute in her race shirt and matching bow, though.


Sunday Supper


IMG_3640About six months ago we started a delicious family tradition: breakfast for dinner every Sunday. Daddy goes above and beyond to make me a special biscuit that relates to something we’ve done recently–a football when we went to the Alabama game, a hiker when we went hiking. (Yes, he is an ambitious biscuit baker.) Of course, I pitch in, too. I help whip up the dough and crack the eggs. It’s a real sunny-side up start to the week!

The Clock Is Ticking…

What does one do the day after Halloween? Write your letter to Santa Claus, of course. (I dictated it to Daddy and hand-decorated the envelope.) Now my note is well on its way to the North Pole, which means the jolly ‘ole fellow has 50 days to make me a “super-duper gray robot that walks and says ‘I am a Robot!'” No pressure, Santa!

Look At Me!

Everyone needs a signature move! When I want people to pay attention to me, or if they already are and I don’t want them to stop, I’ve found this little maneuver (see the video) to be very effective. Once I have a captive audience a little foot stomping doesn’t hurt either.

Happy Halloween!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Mac and Super Virginia! That’s right, this year for Halloween we’re caped crusaders taking to the streets to scoop up as much candy as possible. It’s been a fun week of pumpkin carving (as I explained to Mommy after I crafted my jack-o-lanters, “I’m the pumpkin guy”),  parties, and, finally, trick-or-treating. The rain set-in right as we began going door-to-door, but that didn’t stop me from visiting plenty of houses. (Virginia spent most of her time in the stroller, but mustered the courage to visit a few stoops.)

Alrighty, time to stuff our faces with candy and watch some spooky movies. Happy Halloween, y’all!

IMG_0252 IMG_3589 IMG_3588 IMG_3592

Grandmom’s Girl



While Mac was on his Charleston expedition, I was on an adventure of my own at Grandmom and Rick’s house. It was my first solo trip there and I think they were a little worried I would be homesick without my big brother. Oh, how they under estimated me! Grandmom and I had the best time sharing in our mutual passions of gardening, shopping, and dolls!

If you were wondering what I was up to while Mac was on his Charleston adventure, rest assured I was have a grand time of my own. I made my first solo trip to Chattanooga

Fresh Off The Boat

FullSizeRender copy


I am back from what was most certainly the biggest adventure of my little life thus far. I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to reunite with my dear Uncle Sam…and I stayed on a boat! And not just any boat, folks. A two bedroom, two bathroom yacht. As I told my mother: “Mommy, that boat was SO BIG!” It was pure heaven for a boat-loving little boy like myself. I especially enjoyed being lowered down the hatch to go to bed. (My standard tucking in at home now feels a little lame.)

As as I always do on water-going vessels, I took my shipmate duties quite seriously. Here’s the report Poppy, a former Navy man, wrote up on my performance:
“I had a wonderful, mature, well-qualified shipmate on our yacht this past week. Commodore Mac performed well above expectation. His questions were right on. His comprehension truly amazed me, even when you discount great-grandfather bias. He was very courteous and respectful, which reflects the good parenting he is privileged to experience. Thank you for making it possible for Mac to share our weekend.It was a joy and his love of Sam was a joy to watch as well. Love,Poppy”
As Poppy puts so well, even more wonderful than the boat itself was the time I got to spend with Poppy, Sam, Janny, Captain Tony, and Emmy. Uncle Sam didn’t even know I was coming to visit. He was quite surprised when I popped out, with Hulk hands on and ready to wrestle, naturally.

Thanks to everyone who made this special trip possible, including Papaw and Grandmom who selflessly shuttled me to and from Birmingham.