Take a Hike




When you are three-years-old and ask your Daddy to take you on a hike, your Daddy takes you on a hike! We had so much fun exploring Moss Rock. (I took a page out of Rick’s book and packed myself plenty of snacks, which I carried in my back pack like a true outdoorsmen.)


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.45.26 AMWinnie-the-Who? Winnie-the-Me! Virginia-the-Pooh! I took the shirt off our Pooh Bear and insisted Mommy put it on me. Silly, ole’ girl.

Swim Lessons Update

Mac and I have been hitting the pool two days a week (at 7:30 am!) for over six months now. I hate to brag, but our swimming skills are really improving. Check out of this video of me doing my signature move “the baby float.”

And here is a clip of Mac who is beginning to do an honest-to-goodness freestyle stroke. Yep, we’re really making a splash!

Fireman Mac

Mommy and Daddy recently took us to wonderful exhibit at the science museum called “Itty Bitty Magic City.” They had everything from a veterinarian office to a market, just my (and Virginia’s) size. Virginia really enjoyed working on the farm.
And taking care of “her baby” at “her house.”
Meanwhile I spent a lot of time tuning up cars at the mechanic shop.
And working at the fire department. As you’ll see in this video I really took my duties to the next level. (Unlike my fellow fire fighters.) It’s a little difficult to hear me talking so here is a transcript:
“Guys, guys, there’s a fire!”
“I’ll go check it out, guys.”
(Runs to house. Runs back to firetruck.)
“I need the fire hose, guys!”
(Runs to house toting fire hose. Puts out fire. Runs back to truck.)
“Guys, guys, it’s over!”

Roll Tide!


Guess what?! On Saturday I attended my first ever college football game, as any little Southern boy should. Daddy and I had a great day in Tuscaloosa. We took in the pre-game festivities and halftime (did you know Mommy and Daddy used to be in a marching band?), watched every play, ate lots of yummy stadium food, and cheered “Roll Tide!”* more times than we could count. The Crimson Tide came out victorious 37 – 10 over MTSU. Just call me Alabama’s little good luck charm.


*I realize some of you would rather I be chanting “Go Dores!” or “Go Vols.” But when every little boy on the playground is yelling “Roll Tide” you can’t help but pull for the home team.

18-Month Check-Up

This just in from the doctor: I’m 21 lbs and 32 inches, which puts me in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height. How do I keep my svelte figure you may ask? By eating ice cream every chance I get. As you can see from this video, I savor each bite!

Just Doin’ My Job


A recent post-boat ride conversation…

Aunt Kathleen: “Thanks for helping me drive the boat, Captain Mac.”

Me: “Just doin’ my job!”

Can’t make this stuff up folks. I’m just that cute!



Tennessee State of Mind

IMG_2115 IMG_2109 IMG_2124 IMG_2138 IMG_2150 IMG_2090  IMG_2152

Mac and I are back from the most wonderful trip to Tennessee. We did so many things I’m not sure my little hands cane type it all out. Here’s a list of some of the highlights:

*Met my Great-Grandmother Hazel’s brother Joe and his wife Doris who were visiting from Florida.

*Visited the farm Poppy grew up on. There is a giant red barn there.

*Explored sites with Papaw, including the Knoxville Zoo.

*Celebrated Aunt Kathleen’s birthday.

*Spent countless playing on Janny & Captain’s lake. Mac did lots of swimming. I preferred to lounge on the dock.

*Worked dozens of puzzles. Well Mac did. I focused on ripping them up once he was done.

*Made s’mores with Captain & Emily.

And so much more! Needless to say, we are a little worn out from all that fun.


New School!


It’s a big day! I started pre-school, which means I’m now at Montessori with Mac. He is very excited to have me here. (Even if we are wearing matching outfits.) The whole morning commute he kept leaning over and whispering “Virginia, you’re coming to MY school today!” Mommy is pretty excited too. She only has to go one place to drop-off and pick-up the apples of her eye. I’d write more, but I have to go do some lessons…

Sunday Best

On Sunday Mommy and I attended orientation for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, my church’s version of Sunday School. I had to wait until the fall I was three-years-old to start the program, and I am so excited that that time has arrived. I loved learning about the classroom, hearing scripture about the Good Shepherd, and processing in during the offering behind a tiny wooden cross. Plus, I got to wear some of my new church clothes. (Daddy loves them!)